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More than factoids or trivia, Learning Lites offer an engaging way to acquire knowledge and literacy about a range of subjects.  They provide enrichment, spur curiosity and can serve as a catalyst for personal and professional inspiration.       

Click on the Examples tab at the top of the page to find a sample Learning Lite from each category.  Clicking on the Questions Tab indicates how Learning Lites can become opportunities for broader discovery.


To receive a Learning Lite twice a week at no cost please sign up below: 













The Learning Lites subscription list will never be given out or sold.  Furthermore, no advertising will appear on the site.   


We encourage topic suggestions and comments (including when we may have missed the mark).  You can reach us at  In the pursuit of making knowledge accessible to all, we hope you will share with others.  Join us on our Facebook page for conversation and sharing.  All Learning Lites will appear on the page.

With our educational system so focused on "teaching to the test" student appreciation of the wonder, joy and long-term value of learning can be sacrificed in seeking to meet standardized test score requirements.  Therefore, instead of sparking a love of learning the constraints, pressures and time associated with this teaching may actually act to devalue it.  Learning Lites strives to recapture appreciation of learning for its own sake. 


The most indelible learning experiences often occur when when and where we least expect them.  One of Learning Lites' goals is to transform mundane items such as restaurant leftovers and take-out boxes, delivery packages, cups, bags, etc. and places like inside a bus or subway car into opportunities for enlightenment and stimulation.  In today’s anxiety-provoking world learning can act to lift us by serving as a source of fascination, gratitude and humility.





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